Revolver Movie a Flop in US

December 20, 2007 By:
Revolver Movie a Flop in US

Looks like Madonna's star power wasn't enough for hubby Guy Richie's movie 'Revolver,' because the movie was a huge flop in the US.

Despite being re-edited for the American market, the film has taken under ($75,000) in its first 12 days of release--which is horrible!

Celebrity columnist Roger Friedman said: "It's the same amount of money Madonna spends on, let's say, mascara."

He added, "Guy Ritchie may be a lovely person, for all I know, but a great director he is not," he added. Ouch!

Maybe Richie will have better luck with his next flick 'Rocknrolla.' The Russian gangster movie stars Gerard Butler and Ludacris. Hell, I'll watch it just for Gerard Butler, can I request shirtless scenes?