Renee Zellweger Stars in My One and Only

August 3, 2009 By:
Renee Zellweger Stars in My One and Only

Renee Zellweger takes a step back in time for her next film! She plays the beautiful Ann Devereaux, who decides to finally leave her philandering wealthy husband (played by Kevin Bacon), and hits the road with her two teenage sons in search of a replacement husband.

The trio is faced with a series of hurdles along their journey, including finding new schools for the boys to attend, more humble housing than they’re used to, and the search for romance.

Ann steers her sons down a narrow highway of excitement and panic. The story is narrated by her son George, telling the stories of their cross-country journey from New York to Hollywood. Ann winds up making a different future for herself and her sons than any of them had imagined.

The film also stars George Hamilton, whose own real life was the loose basis for the film. My One And Only opens in theaters August 21st.

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