Carla Facciolo Wouldn’t Pull A Butter Knife, Says Mob Wives

February 15, 2013 By:
Carla Facciolo Wouldn’t Pull A Butter Knife, Says Mob Wives

Being a Mob Wife is probably more dramatic than being in the actual mob, that is, if you find yourself on the wrong side of Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo.

It’s no secret that Ramona and Karen aren’t exactly besties with fellow mob-wifer Carla Facciolo, whom they call a “green screen gangster.”

A green screen what now? Karen coined the term “green screen gangster” for ladies who talk a lot of hood rat talk but can’t back it up. Meaning, they are only “gangsters” as long as the camera is rolling.

“I like to call them the ‘green screen gangsters,’ the camera starts rolling and people get gangster,” Karen tells Hollyscoop.

Karen and Ramona go on to tell us that Carla may act like a tough-as-nails mob-wife, but when the camera stops rolling, she’ll snitch on you faster than you can say, “Staten Island.”

“A lot of people didn’t see off camera [that] there are times where Carla has threatened to call the cops if she gets hit, or have security on [us],” says Karen.

Or as Ramona puts it, “I don’t think [Carla] would pull a butter knife on me or Karen. End of story.”

For more from our exclusive sit-down with Karen and Ramona including why they’ll defend Renee Grazianoto the death if you call her a junky, check out the interview below and catch the entire interview on this week’s episode of Hollyscoop. Check local listings for showtime.

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