Regis Philbin: I'm Not Retiring!

January 20, 2011 By:
Regis Philbin: I'm Not Retiring!

Is Regis Philbin confused in his old age, or just really motivated?!

Just one day after announcing he was leaving Regis and Kelly, he’s fired his agent of 30 years, and decided he’s ready for a “career change,” this according to Deadline.

Philbin reportedly dumped his agent Jim Griffin at Paradigm for greener pastures, and it sounds like Griffin is pissed! "When I first met Regis, he hadn't worked in a year and a half and here we are," Griffin said, adding, "we've had a great run. It's obviously very sad.”

Regis Philbin Announces Retirement

So what on earth will Regis do next?! If it were a few months ago, I’d think he’d have been in the running for Larry King’s job, but that’s out too!

Apparently this ambiguous career move is a big one in Philbin’s eyes, though he’s acting pretty secretive about it!

Why can’t he just be like any other 80-year old dude and go retire in Boca?