Report: Reese Witherspoon Dating Gerard Butler

February 3, 2010 By:
Report: Reese Witherspoon Dating Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is one of those actors that has been linked to just about every woman in Hollywood. Last month there were rumors that he was getting cozy with Jennifer Aniston and this month Reese Witherspoon is the chosen one.

According to reports, Reese and Gerard have been spotted canoodling together, and even reportedly “hooking up” in private for some time.

Of course no one has details of their secret dates, and they've never been seen together publicly but apparently behind closed doors--it's on!

Star magazine reports Reese sees Gerard as a fling, with both parties happy to have fun with each other.

Reese split from Jake Gyllenhaal in December, after two years of dating so maybe a rebound is exactly what she needs? And who better to rebound with than Gerard Butler!?

While we love Gerard, he's too much of a bad boy for Reese and we're still holding our breath for a Reese/Jake reunion. What are your thoughts on this rumored Hollywood hookup?