Report: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Split

December 15, 2009 By:
Report: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Split

The rumor about Jake Gyllenhaaland Reese Witherspoon has popped up again.

Earlier this month, People claimed the two had broken up, but didn't give any further information. Quickly thereafter a rep for both the actors denied the split, saying they were still going strong.

But now Popeater has brought new light to the story. Their own Rob Shuter claims to have exclusive information proving that things are over between them.

An alleged friend of Jake's tells, "The relationship was at the point where they either got engaged or broke up. There is no doubt that they love each other very much, but Reese wasn't ready to say 'I do.' And if she wasn't ready after two years of dating, Jake wondered if she ever would be."

Both are said to be devastated by the split, and although friends hope for them to get back together, most agree it's very doubtful. Reps have not returned calls for comment as of yet.

We don't want to believe this because it sounds so sad, but it's getting hard not to with all the different sources coming forward with the same information!