Reese Witherspoon Would 'Investigate' a Potential Boyfriend

February 24, 2012 By:
Reese Witherspoon Would 'Investigate' a Potential Boyfriend

If she wasn’t, you know, married and all.

Reese Witherspoon, who stars in the upcoming movie, ‘This Means War’, says social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are good to “investigate” people when you start dating them.

“It’s a benefit and a curse having social media at your fingertips,” Reese said. “Where you can investigate the people you’re dating.”

I guess the “curse” part comes in when you look at their Interests section and find that it says like, Dave Matthews Band. Or Nickelback.

Reese admits that privacy issues were once a problem in a relationship she had with a boyfriend before she got married. In an interview with ‘The Independent’ newspaper:

“I had somebody go into my computer without asking me and look at all my photos,” Reese said. “I thought that was really uncool. And he deleted some of it! I was like, ‘What?’ I didn’t like that.”

In ‘This Means War’, Reese plays a chick who struggles with dating two different guys (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy), and they find out about it, and then fight over her and hilarity ensues. But in real life, Reese says she’s never actually dated multiple people.

"I have never dated two people at the same time,” Witherspoon said. “I wouldn't know how to keep up with two - I can barely keep up with one! Is it OK for a woman to do that? I have no judgment on people who do, as long as they are honest."