Reese Witherspoon: I Feel Lucky Being With Jim

April 11, 2011 By:
Reese Witherspoon: I Feel Lucky Being With Jim

Reese Witherspoon looks absolutely flawless on the cover of the May issue of Vogue.

The notoriously private star talks openly about her new husband Jim, her fans, being a good parents and how great her life is right now.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On her husband Jim Toth:

"He's wonderful," Witherspoon says. "He's just a really great guy, and I feel really lucky."

On her fans approving of her new husband:

"Over the holidays I was at a department store in L.A. with my friends, and these three women from Oklahoma came up to me, and they said" – laying on a thick Southern drawl – "'Reese. We are so happy for yeeew. We liiike this guy for yeeew.’ And I said, ‘You do?!’ ‘Yes, ma’am. We think he is a niiice man. We think he is going to treat you well and be good to yeeew.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ So sweet! And I told them my mother likes him very much, too.”

On being in a good place in her life:

“I mean . . . it sort of indicates that at other times I was not in a good place. Which is true. I have had my share of heartbreak. But I think your friends really know when you are at your happiest. Even though I am nervous and excited and all those things people feel when they are about to get married, I think I am mostly very calm right now. Usually, I’m a little bit of a squirrel. I have a squirrelly energy.”

On being a parent:

"I know it's corny, but being a parent to me is such a great privilege; that I get to chaperone these beautiful little souls through life. They astound me with their knowledge and their humor."

On how she's changed throughout the years:

"I was a little more shut down in my 20s," she says. "I was really scared of a lot of things and a lot of people. I have gone through so many changes since then. Obviously, being divorced and having a couple of relationships. I'm much more open than I was."

Her Water for Elephants co-star Robert Pattinson, on Reese:

“In terms of public perception, she’s thought of as America’s Sweetheart. And she kind of is in a lot of ways. But I think that she’s a lot bawdier than that, a lot more raucous. It did actually shock me to see that. She’s tough. You wouldn’t want to get into an argument with her at all. You can always tell that she will be incredibly nice to anyone who’s not an idiot, but it’s always very clear that there’s a line you really shouldn’t cross.”