Reese Witherspoon Has a Black Eye Now

September 13, 2011 By:
Reese Witherspoon Has a Black Eye Now

You shoulda seen the other guy. He was an 84 year-old woman with bad eyesight.

Remember last week, when Reese Witherspoon got run over by an old lady? Well, now she has a black eye. Witherspoon was photographed at a friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Monday, sporting a shiner and a bandaged forehead.

At first I was like, “well, the lady was 84, you can’t really be mad.” But I gotta say, if some old lady gave me a black eye, I’d be pretty pissed. Mostly because I’m starting to think, half the time, old people are just playing dumb to get away with stuff.

Oooh goodness, Sonny…I hit a movie star? Me oh my, I was just going on a Sunday drive to pick up some food for my seventeen cats. They’re my only family, ya know.

You just can’t get mad at that. Old people know what they’re doing.

Reese was out jogging when the woman failed to yield in an intersection, hitting the actress, who was rushed to the hospital. Witherspoon’s rep confirmed that she opted not to take the woman to court, and Reese thankfully only had minor injuries.

So what about grandma? She was ticketed with a moving violation and will be forced to retake her driver’s test, reports TMZ. According to Santa Monica police, they asked the state DMV to summon her for a full exam within thirty days, and that includes an eye exam and a list of medications she’s taking.

And according to DMV rules, anyone over 70 has to show up at the DMV in person to retake the test. Okay, I think having to show up to the DMV in person is enough punishment for this woman. In my opinion, she’s absolved. Let’s just hope she’s not driving herself to the DMV.

A friend of Reese’s told Us Magazine, “The whole incident really frightened her. Now she’s just resting up.”

Reese still looks pretty good for having been hit by a car. And it hasn’t interfered with any of her upcoming movie projects.

“The odd thing about all of this,” the source continues. “Is that Reese has always been very afraid of being hit by a car.”

Um, I’m pretty sure we all are.

“It's been an ongoing fear of hers. She is always the first person to pull people away from the edge of the curb."