Reese Witherspoon Eyewitness to Paparazzi Fight

November 3, 2009 By:
Reese Witherspoon Eyewitness to Paparazzi Fight

Reese Witherspoon is already known as an actress who dislikes the paparazzi.

She’s gone as far as trying to help get a law passed to keep photographers from following her and other celebs around 24/7. And today was just another example of how pesky the paps can be if you’re an A-list actress.

Reese was leaving a building in Brentwood after working out when two photographers began fighting with each other over getting “the shot.” According to TMZ, things got intense, and the police were even called to the scene.

The LAPD ended up writing a police report, and they’re currently investigating the situation.

Source at the LAPD say Reese called the police herself and identified herself as an eyewitness, saying the fight was out of hand. She also said she would be "happy to cooperate" with any investigation or prosecution.

Poor woman can’t even work out in peace! Do you think the paparazzi has gotten out of control in LA?