Reese Is Keeping Her Clothes On

January 23, 2008 By:
Reese Is Keeping Her Clothes On

Reese Witherspoon is on the cover of British Glamour this month and in the
issue, she goes off on going buff for movie roles. She says she can't
believe how many legitimate actresses actually get naked for roles.
And then there are the zillion illegitimate ones…Not only that, but
Reese refuses to pose in sexy photo shoots to help promote projects
she's in. Reese adds that she tries to avoid the pitfalls of a
Hollywood lifestyle.

"I am a role model for my children. Hollywood is one of those endless
competitions. It's a race towards nothing. I just want to be the best
version of myself that I can be."

Well said, Reese! She's doing something right. She's maintained a
great career through the years, and we've never even had to see a
paparazzi crotch shot from her!