Matthew McConaughey Defends Reese Witherspoon's Drunken Rant

April 24, 2013 By:
Matthew McConaughey Defends Reese Witherspoon's Drunken Rant


By now you’ve heard about how Reese Witherspoon was wasted over the weekend and her husband was arrested for a DUI and Reese was drunkenly yelling at the cops and saying, “don’t you know who I am?” and then she was arrested too?

If you haven’t heard, well now you know. Anyways, Reese’s co-star Matthew McConaughey (they both star in the new movie Mud) is completely supportive of her rant, her drunkenness, and her follow-up apology.

He is all FOR Reese.

Talking about the apology she released, he says, “I’m happy to see that she seems to be the kind of woman that would do just what she did [apologize],” McConaughey told Access Hollywood.

He admires her bluntness apparently.

“Come out and be forthright about it. Look at it in the eye and be forthright,” Matthew said.

Funny thing about McConaughey. He faced a similar arrest back in 1999 when he was popped for “disturbing the peace.”

What was he doing exactly? Oh, just playing the bongos nude in the middle of the night. You know, the usual.