Redmond O'Neal Released from Jail

September 25, 2009 By:
Redmond O'Neal Released from Jail

Redmond O'Neal has been officially released from prison. The 24-year-old was let out of a California facility yesterday, and a judge has ordered him into an in-patient rehab facility.

Redmond’s attorney said in a statement, "Redmond has embraced recovery. All of his reports are extremely positive. He has taken huge steps towards his new life.

"This has been a very challenging time for Redmond. He lost his mother while in recovery. He loved his mother dearly and that was extremely hard on him. It would be challenging for anybody, much less a 24-year-old coming to grips with his addiction and recovery."

Judge Jane Godfrey of Los Angeles Superior Court echoed that statement, saying Redmond was "doing extremely well."

O'Neal is due back in court Sept. 30 to face charges related to a DUI arrest earlier this year and his subsequent probation violation, but it is likely those charges will be dropped upon the successful completion of his rehab treatment.

Hopefully this experience will be a big wake up call for Redmond, and he’ll be on the straight and narrow!