Redmond O'Neal Picks Rehab Over Jail

May 1, 2009 By:
Redmond O'Neal Picks Rehab Over Jail

The mess that is Redmond O'Neal just caught himself a lucky break. A judge has granted him permission to participate in a drug court program that could spare him jail time.

Redmond, the 24 year-old the son of Farrah Fawcett, was ordered to complete a yearlong rehabilitation program at the L.A. Superior Court airport courthouse on Thursday.

The "in custody treatment program" will be held at Wayside Honor Ranch in California. It will remove him from probation and wipe his record clean of previous drug convictions, but only if he completes the program successfully, reports Us Weekly.

"No one can work the program for you -- you have to do it yourself," Commissioner Jane Godfrey said.

"This is an opportunity to change your life," Prosecuting Attorney Tony Estradas said in court. "Our goal is for you to enjoy a long, healthy life that is free from addiction."

We hope he can stick to his word and actually attempt to clean up his life this time around. At least for the sake of his mother, who is battling cancer.