Judge Orders Redmond O'Neal to be Held Without Bail

April 10, 2009 By:
Judge Orders Redmond O'Neal to be Held Without Bail

Redmond O'Neal appeared before a judge today and admitted to violating his probation.

He came into court wearing a jumpsuit and handcuffs, and when the judge asked him whether he understood what he had done, he answered, “Yes , your honor.”

But he admitting didn’t help matters, since the judge ruled that Redmond will remain in custody. He’ll stay behind bars until next Friday when he’ll appear in court again for another hearing.

This kid is trouble! Maybe the judge just wants to make an example of him, since he keeps getting himself into trouble over and over again.

In fact, aside from his two most recent drug-related arrests, Redmond also has an ongoing case at LAX court regarding a DUI & drug arrest from January 2008.

So for now, Redmond will remain at Twin Towers Correctional Facility until next week. That is one scary place! Maybe his week there will make him rethink his life! We can’t help but think of poor Farrah in all of this. She has so much on her plate right now to have to deal with this as well.