Rihanna is Such a Player

December 29, 2010 By:
Rihanna is Such a Player

Rihanna dropped her man piece Matt Kemp faster than you can say stttteeeeeriiiiiike!, and now she’s back to playin’ the field.

According to People, Riri is back flirting it up all over the world.

Rihanna and Matt Kemp Break Up

She "considers herself single," says a source close to her. Apparently she’s already back to acting that way too.

"She never has a problem finding guys," the source says. "And she flirts with lots."

You know what that’s code word for…

Rihanna and Matt were together almost a year, so while the split may have surprised a lot of people, she always said their relationship was super casual. The source adds, "It was never as serious as it looked. It was always just [about] having fun."

Rihanna has at least 8 more years of this casual crap anyways. If I were her, I’d do the same thing!

But seriously, did we really think Rihanna was going to settle down with the first guy since the Chris Brown break-up?