What to Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

May 27, 2008 By:
What to Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

So You Think You Can Dance @ 8pm

It's Day 2 of the season premiere and the cut-throat auditions continue on this two-hour episode. The dancers have just a minute each to impress the judges with their moves and rigorous routines in order to remain in the competition. Who will impress the judges and get to strut their stuff at the call-backs and who will have to pack up their dancing shoes and head home?

Men In Trees @ 10pm

The good news is "Men in Trees" returns from its writers' strike hiatus this week. The bad news? Fans should make sure to catch every episode because the show won't return next season. On this episode marking the beginning of the end, Marin helps the very nervous Jack get ready for his first lecture as a college professor in Anchorage. And as a token of his appreciation he returns with a very unusual gift for Marin -- four puppies. As cute as they are, Marin ends up spending a ton of time taking care of them...and not getting much writing done. Meanwhile, as Annie starts working on auditions for Elmo's First Annual Talent Show, she realizes she might be falling for Ivan. A world away in New York, Patrick isn't sure about Pilar's advances toward him.

Real World: Hollywood @ 10pm

The roommates pay Joey a visit in rehab, where they get an update on his progress. We sure can't wait for that crazy nut to come back in the house. Meanwhile, Will and Dave are incensed by a prank Greg pulls...one that doesn't turn out to be all that funny. Who would have thought Greg was pulling all those childish pranks? He seems so mature and carries himself with a bit of "I am too good" attitude, yet wants to play around with his roomies?? The roomies are about to show him what they really think of him!

Top Chef@ 10pm

Tonight's episode is NOT for vegetarians. The five remaining cheftestants must clean and butcher meat as guest judge Rick Tramonto, a Chicago chef and cookbook writer, rates their handiwork. Will their cuts of beef end up worthy of a five-star steakhouse or a fast food burger joint? We hear McDonald's in the near future!