Joanna Krupa Talks About Feud With Paris Hilton

November 30, 2007 By:
Joanna Krupa Talks About Feud With Paris Hilton

'Fredrick's of Hollywood' supermodel and reality star Joanna Krupa talks to LA Direct about her upcoming TV show and her catty feud with Paris Hilton.

With all the attitude that Joanna Krupa and her younger sister Marta are spitting towards the Hilton sisters, we may be seeing a four-deep Hollywood cat fight going down in the near future.

“Paris tried to get me and my girlfriends kicked out of a club one night at a bar in Los Angeles about a year-and-a-half ago,” says Joanna. “We walked into the VIP section, and Paris walks in and starts screaming at us, ‘You don’t do that! Who do you think you are?’”

“Paris is crazy! What’s wrong with her? I’ve had no problem with Nikki Hilton,” says Marta, “but every time we would bump into Paris, she would always have a problem with us. I can still hear her screaming at us. She was jumping up and down like a little baby. She was almost crying. There were a lot of times that we bumped into her or Lindsey Lohan, and they are always so crabby.”

Joanna's yet-to-be titled reality show should be hitting the airways soon, but in the meanwhile you can check her out in the December issue of LA Direct magazine.