Jackson Family Getting Their Own Reality Show

April 2, 2008 By:
Jackson Family Getting Their Own Reality Show

It's raining reality shows! The latest to make a deal to have cameras in their faces 24/7 are the Jacksons! We reported last month that members of the fam were moving to a place in Devon, on England's south coast. That house will be the scene of the crime for their new reality show, which will be like the Osburnes.

It will center around Tito who will be based at the house, and film Jermaine, Janet, Michael, and the parents moving in.

The familly's broker, Matt Fiddes, said "They can't wait to get here. They love North Devon and they'll be moving into the rented house during the first week of May. The brothers want to live here permanently. They get no hassle from the locals and they've been blown away by the peace and beauty of the area when they've stayed with me."

Fiddes then adds, "The TV people will follow them from California to Appledore and make a documentary on how they settle in. It will be modelled on the Osbournes show but with a completely different setting. Tito will be based in Appledore throughout and we know that his parents, Jermaine and Janet will all be dropping in. With Michael, you never know. He doesn't say too much. But I'll be very surprised if he doesn't show up too."

We hope Michael decides to come! Then the camera crews can catch him early in the morning before he's taken his crazy pills and put on his nose and makeup!