Daniel Baldwin Quits "Celebrity Rehab"

February 6, 2008 By:
Daniel Baldwin Quits

Daniel Baldwin just quit the reality show he was taking part in after claims were made that he was inappropriate with a co-star.

VH1's show "Celebrity Rehab" is basically about a bunch of "celebrities" that have substance abuse problems. They are all in rehab trying to work out their problems with cameras following their every move.

Yes, I know, very weird show!

Mary Cary, is the co-star that claims that Daniel Baldwin was inappropriate with her. She alleges that Baldwin asked for pictures of her after he was done talking about his family.

She says, "He talked about how much he loves his wife and then he asked me to send him pictures and asked about my movies."

His departure has scared the resident psychiatrist, Dr. Drew Pinsky, to worry about his sobriety.