Bravo's New Show That's Just Like Laguna Beach

August 6, 2008 By:
Bravo's New Show That's Just Like Laguna Beach

Bravo is a little late on the scene with this new show of theirs. Think real hard now, what does this casting notice remind you of??

Bravo is looking for Southern California's most hip and stylish 18 to 25 year olds set for a new docu-soap. They want young adults who are enjoying the South Orange County 'good life' and run with a busy social crowd!

They're looking for young, outgoing Orange County residents who live in the fast lane! They could be attending a local college or university, finding their first apartment, starting a new business venture, living an alternative lifestyle, moving in with their significant other, just married or figuring it all out while still living at home.

These young adults should have defined opinions, be independent, energetic and have an involved relationship with their parents. Mom and dad might support their adult children's lifestyle financially or through business connections; or maybe they provide the security of knowing that their kid can "always come home."

Do we really need another LC on our hands?