Biggest Loser Recap

November 28, 2007 By:
Biggest Loser Recap

After the first five minutes of this show, I had
gotten some free weights and was doing bicep curls.
Does anyone else find the need to work out after watching the show? All the fat facts before the commercials (for
example, that 75% of Americans will be overweight by
the year 2015) made it seem lazy to watch the show
without doing reps of some sort.

What is Bill doing there, though? One of the other
contestants said that she didn't understand what he
was doing there because he wasn't even fat anymore,
and that she was getting sick of him winning
everything, and I have to agree. Maybe he's supposed to
be like a pace car in a race, giving the others a
really tough competitor to encourage them. It's a
little boring though, because looking at the
challenges it's pretty obvious who's going to
win--especially last night's challenge to see who
could hold onto a pole suspended over a swimming pool
for the longest.

After thee swimming pool challenge, everybody decided
to go for a swim. Nicole, not seeing a giant sign on
the floor that warned against diving into shallow
water, dove into the pool and knocked out her two
front teeth. I guess she went up to Julie and asked if
she looked okay and Julie told her that she didn't
because she was missing teeth. A lot of people wrote
on the website that Julie's this awful malicious
person--one comment even went as far to accuse Julie
of making fun of people with disabilities (having no
front teeth is not a disability, for the record). Why
does everybody hate Julie? I thought it was funny, and
I thought she captured the speech of someone with no
front teeth quite well. As a toothless woman, I am not