America's Most Smartest Model Recap

November 28, 2007 By:
America's Most Smartest Model Recap

This has got to be one of the cheapest television
shows on television right now. It looks like every
contest takes place in the garage of the weird
stucco-ed tract home the models live in. The obstacle
course from last night's re-run was amazing,
especially the tires laid on the grass military-style.

These are certainly the most smartest people around,
though. When asked to name a vitamin, "Pickel"
answered "phosphorus." Phosphorus is usually found in
fertilizers and laundry detergents, so unless you're a
pair of dirty underwear or a corn field, you should
lay off of the phosphorus. And then he's criticizing
himself afterward, saying that he shouldn't have
"pondered" because it took too much time.
I flashed back to that scene in Zoolander where he's
staring at his reflection in the gutter, realizing
that he's "got a lot of things to ponder."