Meet the Paparazzi

September 13, 2006 By:
Meet the Paparazzi

Hollywood wouldn't be what it is without a group of paparazzo's outside of the "hot spot" of the moment. This past weekend, we bumped into some of them that were hanging outside of Club Hyde waiting to get a shot of the hottest stars that actually get passed through the red ropes.

We have to admit, we had no idea what to expect and it was pretty interesting chatting with the photographers often referred to as “stalkerazzi”.

One of the paparazzo told us a story about taking a picture of a young hot blonde celeb (who just recently complained about never having any privacy and failed romances due to tabloids) that once fell outside of a club and begged the paparazzi to retake pictures with a reenactment of the fall. We don’t want to mention this celebs name to protect her privacy since she has been whining to every talk show host and every weekly magazine.

They have such a bad rep but they were really cool peeps after all. At the end of the day, it's a job that pays the bills, and being a paparazzi has its ups and downs, stars complain about them all the time but in actuality they love getting their pictures taken and often ask for retakes. If stars truly can't stand getting their pics taken, maybe they should avoid the 'Ivy's' and the 'Hyde's' of Hollywood