Hollyscoop Hits Shag

September 5, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop Hits Shag

We thought we'd end the Labor Day weekend out with a bang so we put on
our best heels and went out to paint the town red. We put on our
thinking caps and realized that the only place to be on a Monday night
is LA HotSpot Shag.

Why is Shag the "it" place to be on Monday Nights? Check out the hottie promoter Ryan Cook and you'll know what we mean...lets just say he never seizes to disappoint. We were skeptical to go out at first fearing that people might be tired from a long weekend of partying. Well, we were wrong! The

place was crowded with beautiful girls and hot guys.

We ran into Paris Hilton's on again off again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. He seems to be much shorter in person then he looks in pictures. He came in with a
buddy and ended up leaving early. To cool for the crowd huh Stavros?

Later on in the night we saw the paparazzi cause frenzy outside with
their flashes. Who walked in you asked? Well it was none other than Miss
Janet Jackson herself! She came in and went straight to the VIP area
with what seemed to be her dancers. They might have had a video shoot
earlier on in the day and decided to end the night lightly. Janet was
very nice and kept smiling to the crowd.

Other celebrities in attendance
were Lili Sobieski, Mathew Lawrence (really cute), one of the cast
members of the Real World Florida and Jenna Dewan from Step-Up. We were
really hoping her hottie
boyfriend Tatum Channing would make a cameo to see his girl but we were
left disappointed.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take cameras inside therefore you guys have to just believe us. Sorry!

Across the country, our sexy moles in the east coast were at hot spot
Club Butter where they spotted Tiger Woods who was celebrating his fifth

straight tournament on the PGA Tour. The sports star left the club in
the wee hours and hoped into a yellow cab. Staying humble Tiger?

Special thanks to Ryan Cook for being such a great host!