Hollyscoop Hits Roosevelt

August 11, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop Hits Roosevelt

The girls and I (Nora) were undecided on where to go last night. We
didn't want anything too outrageous but definitely wanted to go out. We
knew we had no chance of getting into hotspot Hyde just because
the place only squeezes in 75 people, which means it hold 6 celebrities
and their entourage. All the paparazzi was outside and we definitely
didn't want to do the walk of shame so we decided to play it safe and
head over to the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel. I must say
it turned out to be a very successful night! We had run-ins with
David Spade, Joe Francis, Paris Hilton, Mathew Lawrence and even Chris
To those of you who haven't been; Tropicana Bar is at the pool
of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The pool is huge so there must have
been other celebs there that we didn't catch, but why cry over spilled
milk...lets get on with the story.

Paris Hilton came in all dolled up and was alone with no
bodyguard. She went and sat at a table with another blonde. Naturally we
were curious as to see who the other blonde was so we eased in a little
closer and realized it was Jenna Jameson, two porn stars make an
interesting outing, no? What they were doing together is beyond me, but
it did look like a business meeting so maybe there is something in the
works between the two?

David Spade was being his usual self- walking around all over
the place. He didn't have his infamous cap on, perhaps he felt
comfortable with the crowd. Joe Francis was surrounded by 10
girls at his table but was keeping his eyes open for some more eye
candy, overall Tropicana was a great relaxing scene.