Hollyscoop Hits Miami: Part 1

July 6, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop Hits Miami: Part 1

For the next 7 days we’re gonna be hitting up
every HotSpot and fabulous restaurant in Miami and New
York and we’ll be giving you the scoop on a day-to-day
basis. Hey we’re doing “research”. lol

Miami adventure started on Tuesday at LAX, as soon as
we checked in and finally found our damn terminal
(which naturally was the last one in the entire
freaking airport) we found Johnny Knoxville chilling
on the floor waiting for his flight to JFK,
obsessively checking his sidekick (He was flying first
class if anyone cares) Naturally we hit the bar soon
after, hoping for a decent buzz before the long ass

We finally got to our fabulous room at Shore
Club around midnight--a favorite for celebrities. We
had about 7.5 minutes to get ready before we hit the
town. First stop was Miami HotSpot Glass. As we
pulled up in our lame shuttle taxi, we literally saw 2
Ferrari’s, a Phantom, and a Bentley GT parked right up
front. The scene already captivated us, and the hot
door guy made it all that much better. The club has 2
rooms, 1 for hip-hop and 1 for house music. The guys
were gorgeous, the girls were stunning, truly a must
visit club if your in the area on a Wednesday. After a
couple of bottles of champagne (from other peoples
tables…lol) we we’re still ready to party…

We than headed out to HotSpot Mansion,
which never seizes to disappoint. It doesn’t matter
where your party starts, it always ends at Mansion.
The club lives up to its name, in that it is seriously
huge! There is plenty of VIP tables, blocks to dance
on, and a huge dance floor. We didn’t get a chance to
stay too long but we’ll give you the full scoop on
Mansion when we go back for an all nighter on
Saturday. Time to hit the beach…Ciao!

Million thanks to Richard Morris for the great
room! Much appreciated!