'Real Housewives of New York' Continue To Be Loud and Annoying

August 2, 2011 By:
'Real Housewives of New York' Continue To Be Loud and Annoying

Because they didn’t annoy the world enough last week, The Real Housewives of New York City returned for the second part of their reunion Monday night.

It’s best to watch this with your closed captioning on, otherwise it just sounds like a bunch of Chihuahuas barking after someone rang a doorbell. Andy Cohen looked like he wanted to put shock collars on all of them.

Bravo put the blondes on one couch and the brunettes on the other, further emphasizing the rift between them this season. Some highlights included:

Ramona claiming she didn’t want to be in Luann’s music video because it would embarrass her daughter. Considering the entire show is an embarrassment, I don’t really buy this. Ramona goes through each season acting like a coked up chicken, so I’m not really sure how she expects us to believe she’s embarrassed by anything. Sure, the video was horrible. But so was Ramona's walk down the runway.

Alex complaining about Luann's meddling. Well, “meddling” is pretty much all any of them do. It’s the entire premise of the show. Alex, the “model” of the group, is hands down the most annoying character. She looks like Frankenberry but lacks his loveable personality. And her husband is creepy as sh-t.

Accusations of alcoholism. Even before I got sucked into this show, I assumed they were all a bunch of miserable, middle-aged women with nothing left for them in life but maintaining a perpetual buzz. So Jill and Ramona are going back and forth about who’s a drunk, but I’m guessing it’s both of them.

All in all, I mostly felt bad for Bravo producer Andy Cohen, who had to sit in the middle of all this wondering what kind of monster he created.