Hatred Ensues Among "Real Housewives of New York" Cast

July 26, 2011 By:
Hatred Ensues Among

Ever wonder what your grandma would be like if she ditched her medication for Botox? Welcome to the Real Housewives of New York. Apparently, a side effect of Juvederm is turning into an old, petty crow.

The fourth season of the show has had so much name calling, drag queen insults and petty fighting, insiders say “producers are worried that this cast can no longer film together.”

“All the ladies have long memories and will not let the smallest thing go. The level of hatred at the moment is so high that it's toxic and all consuming. It doesn’t make for good TV drama. Now it’s just petty and sad.”

It’s true. When I see this show, all I hear is a bunch of hens clucking. And I don’t condone cockfighting, but if Andy Cohen were to strap some sharp objects to their necks and just let ‘em go, I would probably watch more.

Cohen is Bravo’s executive VP, and he hosts the show’s reunion sit-down, where he’s surrounded by all seven women, who are constantly yelling at each other. It's awful. If Andy Cohen wasn't gay before he started this gig, he sure as hell is now.

Apparently, one of the biggest pieces of drama that has surfaced lately is Jill Zarin being cyber bullied. Some blogger keeps talking sh-t and it’s really hurting her feelings. Because that’s what a fifty year-old woman should be concerned about. But anyway, Jill found out the rest of the golden girls were teaming up with the blogger, and now she’s pissed.

“It has stopped being a TV fight and is now a real life battle,” a friend of Zarin’s says.

Meanwhile, some kid in Somalia tries to find food to stay alive…

Fellow costar Ramona Singer responds: “It’s a goof, spoof, you can’t take it seriously. If I took all the negative things that were written about me—you need to have a sense of humor!”

This is the same woman who nearly made a federal case because someone didn’t have wine at a party. As if she needs another reason for her bladder to leak.

The women are so at odds with each other, they have yet to sign on for the next season. But not to worry, I’m sure Bravo can find seven more aging, trivial women with too much money.