Confirmed: Jill, Kelly, Alex and Cindy Fired from RHONY

September 16, 2011 By:
Confirmed: Jill, Kelly, Alex and Cindy Fired from RHONY

Same coop, four less clucking hens. Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan confirmed that the show has fired four of its cast members.

Great. Who am I going to complain about now? I can see them axing Kelly, because she’s like, nice, and the closest thing to normal in all of the Real Housewives franchise. But Jill, Alex, and Cindy, are probably the most annoying women on the show, and if there’s anything American audiences love, it’s watching people be annoying. Hence, Jersey Shore. Actually--hence, reality television.

Jill starts the drama, Alex is so uptight it’s embarrassing to watch her, and Cindy is neurotic to the point of being mentally ill. What are we going to do without them?

"I really haven't had time to digest it properly," Morgan, 47 said. "My voicemail was filled up today...At first, I just thought it was the usual rumors."

Morgan says her producer told her she was still in, but the aforementioned four were out. “I've been invited back. I found out today last minute."

Well, that’s good, at least. We can expect more uncovered ass, drunk photo shoots, and snake semen talk.

"Whatever happens, everyone is a star in their own right. Obviously, first choice is always to be asked back and have a choice,” Morgan explains in Reality Show 101 lesson. “You like to have a decision to make. But to not be asked back is sad, but nothing is final. You never say never!"

“Never say never” seems to be the mantra for reality TV in general. Filming in the bathroom? Never say never!. Giving the Kardashians yet another show? Never say never! More Kate Gosselin? Okay, maybe there is a "never" in reality TV.

Morgan adds, "I have 100 percent faith in every girl that is on the show. We didn't get here for any reason except we are all very talented and have a lot to share on screen."

Every single statement in that sentence is incorrect, especially using the word “girl” to describe any Real Housewife.

So far, Sonja says she hasn’t reached out to Jill Zarin and the gang, but she will.

“I'm going to reach out and see and make sure they are happy. I'm sure that everybody has plans. I'm not worried."

And what career advice does Sonja have to offer?

“I can see Alex and Simon [McCord] having their own show with the kids doing all this freaky deaky things they do in Brooklyn. And I could see Jill, sort of like Barbara Walters having a talk show. And then I could see Kelly going off...her doing fashion."