Real Housewives of Miami in the Works

September 28, 2010 By:
Real Housewives of Miami in the Works

Get ready to see a whole lot of MILFS in Miami! Bravo has been secretly taping Real Housewives of Miami.

According to E! online, Real Housewives of Miami was "originally shot to be a different show, but they have decided to make it a part of the Housewives franchise."

It was originally supposed to be named Miami Social Club but they didn't want Bravo viewers to get it confused with Miami Social, Bravo's last flop.

So when can we expect the show to hit the air? "We just finished shooting," says the insider. "It's all done." But there isn't going to be any catty table flipping. "It's going to be a tamer, sexier show," the insider tells us.

Scottie Pippin's wife, Larsa, and former L.A. Laker/Miami Heat player Glen Rice's ex-wife, Christy, will both be on the show as well as Art scene socialite Adriana Sidi, Venue Magazine editor Alexia Echeverria, public relations expert Marysol Patton, drag queen of South Beach Elaine Lancaster and charity planner Lea Black, wife of famous defense attorney Roy Black.

Will you tune in for Real Housewives of Miami? Or are you tired of these crazy housewives?