Real Housewives' Lisa Vanderpump: We'll Be Back!

April 11, 2011 By:
Real Housewives' Lisa Vanderpump: We'll Be Back!

Hollyscoop caught up with the famous restaurateur at the GLAAD Awards on Sunday, and she had good news for fans:

“We are definitely coming back, absolutely,” Vanderpump told Hollyscoop. “They just haven’t announced the cast yet.”

When asked her if the cast would be the same, Lisa told us she hopes so, because they were so well received but she’s restricted from elaborating.

In honor of the GLAAD spirit and cause, Vanderpump offered us her opinion on the importance of gay and lesbian rights.

“I believe in equality for everybody, I think there’s so many problems in the world I think right now two people love each other that they cant get married, I don’t understand that personally.”

A ton of other stars are in the same boat—Amy Poehler, Kirsten Dunst, and Marlee Matlin were just a few who showed up at Sunday’s awards.