Lisa Vanderpump On Reality Spinoff: It's Different Energy Than Housewives

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Lisa Vanderpump On Reality Spinoff: It\'s Different Energy Than Housewives
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returns for a 3rd season next month, and of course it will feature it’s fair share of cat fights, she-said she-said, and wine cooler parties, but what we’re really excited for is Lisa Vanderpump's upcoming spin-off show, “SUR.”

Lisa’s new reality show will follow the goings-on at her restaurant, SUR, and in a statement from Bravo they call it, “the sexiest establishment she's ever owned and the place you take your mistress, Lisa rules over her lively and mischievous staff with a platinum fist.”

Lisa told Hollyscoop that the new spinoff show, “is a very fast paced ride, I don't even know if it goes too fast for me actually but it's exciting. It's a different energy to ‘Housewives’ and it follows me and my business with SUR in West Hollywood.”

This show is expected to be even more fabulous than “Housewives” – one look at the restaurants website and the servers and bartenders are essentially models.

As for “Housewives” – Lisa says the show is so dramalicious because the cameras have a way of catching your every moment, good or bad.

“I think with reality, they don't necessarily capture your best moments but they definitely catch your worst,” says Lisa.

SUR is slated to debut some time next year, but “Housewives” returns to Bravo on Monday November 5, 2012.
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