Randy Travis 911 Call Released

August 9, 2012 By:

In what might be the weirdest celebrity arrest of the week, country singer Randy Travis was hauled to jail yesterday for driving while intoxicated and for threatening the cops working on his case.

Also, he was naked.

The 911 call has just been released from a passerby who found Travis lying naked on the side of the road with no car nearby. The caller said the whole incident had him "spooked."

Dispatcher: "Grayson county 911"
Caller: "Hello. I’m on the road from 377 to Valley View and I just found a guy laying on the road."
Dispatcher: "Is he responsive?"
Caller: "I haven't gotten out of my vehicle yet, I'm staying in my vehicle just to make sure."
Dispatcher: "Are you okay?"

Caller: "I'm spooked out."

For whatever reason, Travis was out of his car and lying on the road naked. Yeah, this would spook anyone out. Is he alive? Is he dead? Why is he not wearing clothes? He isn’t that country singer, is he? Nahhhh.

Texas department of public safety arrived and arrested him on suspicion of DWI. When he got to the jail house they had to give him a paper suit to wear.

But we have so many questions. Why was he naked and where was he coming from?

Apparently Randy hit up a local liquor store, The Tiger Mart store, before the wreck. He was naked and tried to buy cigarettes at the store.

A clerk at the Tiger Mart store told Hollyscoop, “He came in and he was really drunk and completely naked. He wasn't even wearing a sock. He just wanted a pack of cigarettes. That is all he wanted."