Randy Quaid and Wife Arrested

September 24, 2009 By:
Randy Quaid and Wife Arrested

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have just been arrested in Texas and are being charged with skipping out on a hotel bill of over $10,000! That’s a whole lot of room service!

Randy and Evi were arrested in a Texas town called Marfa this afternoon, and are currently waiting to be arraigned. Gracie Parras, an administrator for the Presidio County Sheriff's Department said in a statement, "All I can tell you is they're waiting to see the judge.”

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department reports that “a fancy hotel” complained earlier this month that the Quaids had not paid their bill. Their bail is $20,000 each.

How lame! They’ve quadrupled their bill by trying to run away from it! And even lamer is the fact that Randy Quaid is never even in the press. What a way for your name to get back out there!

Just another “celebrity” thinking they’re above the law! Details on Randy’s arraignment to follow…