Random Nights In Hollywood

May 19, 2006 By:

We were out and about last night looking for the best new HotSpots’ so we can report back to you guys. Our newest recruited Hollyscoop girl had heard about Hollywood's next hot new hangout Bridge which is the battle zone for paparazzi because its right across Koi...but before get into Bridge, let me introduce you guys to the newest addition of our mini entourage...Dee!

We figured there was too much peroxide with us blondes and we threw in a brunette for good measure.

Here's the background check on Dee...she's an aspiring on air reporter with a background in journalism who is trying to make it in this damn cruel industry...we're ecstatic about the newest addition to our group. We're officially now a triple threat!

Now back to Bridge; not only are there amazingly hot Hollywood-ish hipsters loungin around, but the place itself is a work of art! Its a restaurant with a great lounge/bar...totally recommend it!

We headed out to a friends birthday afterward and were overwhelmed with the support we got about the site...we LOVE what we do and we couldn't be more thrilled that you guys enjoy the site, we’re surprised people actually read our site...we love you guys, Rock on!