Movie Review: "Rambo"

January 30, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

Violence! Violence! Violence! Nothing but gratuitous carnage throughout
this-somewhat-long awaited fourth installment of Sylvester
"Rambo." The amount of bloodshed that transpires is not only
ongoing with every frame, it just gets bloodier and bloodier as the
movie proceeds. Written and Directed by Sly himself, he doesn't seem to
hold anything back as he brings this "Rambo" series to its culmination.

Stallone, of course, plays John Rambo, a Vietnam war veteran who has
seen his share of violence during his many ordeals in the past. Now,
alone in a secluded area in Bangkok, Rambo keeps to himself, spending
time on his old rusted boat, while hunting snakes and catching fish for
starving locals. Though, his main concern is to avoid the ongoing war
not too far from where he stays, we all know that trouble and chaos
will always find its way back to John Rambo. A group of Christian human
rights missionaries arrive to Bangkok and approach John Rambo, asking
him if they could use his boat to travel up river to Burma, a region that
has been one of the worst war zones for over the past fifty years.
These missionaries want to get to Burma and offer their medical
assistance to all the victims who need it most. Although, Rambo rejects
their request at first, and firmly warns them to never travel into
Burma if they want to survive, he eventually is persuaded. As soon as
Rambo drops the missionaries off and heads back down river, they are
all ambushed. Most are brutally dismembered in this violent attack,
while some are taken captive by the ruthless, heartless, sadistic Major
Pa Tee Tint and his Burmese troops. Word gets back to Rambo about this
abomination. He is told that he is their last hope in saving the
survivors who have become prisoners. Now, Rambo, along with five highly
trained mercenaries has to travel back up river and emancipate all
survivors, while basically confronting the entire Burmese army by

If you are not the weak at heart, then "Rambo" is loads of fun. The
action is non-stop! There is almost a splash of RED (Blood) in every
frame. Violent, gruesome, intense, and funny, (come on people it's Sly)
"Rambo" had me anticipating to what level the savagery was going to get
to next. I would recommend this movie to most guys out there who can
handle the violence, and to most girls, trust me when I say this, stay away!

Pat the Movie Critic gives "Rambo" ------- 3 Scoops.