New Sextuplet Show Premiering on WE Channel

June 12, 2009 By:
New Sextuplet Show Premiering on WE Channel

Move over Gosselins! There’s a new family of rugrats coming to reality television! Guess people are sick and tired of Jon and Kate’s dirty laundry being aired out all over the tabloids. Jon & Kate Plus 8 has become less and less about the kids, and more about the couple’s marital problems. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve heard enough!

The new show, called Raising Sextuplets, will center around Bryan and Jenny Masche, and their six children—3 boys and 3 girls. But don’t get the new TV fam wrong. Bryan and Jenny want to be nothing like the Gosselins.

Jenny said in a recent interview, "I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, that's scary. How can we protect our family and do this and have fun without anything negative happening? I think we're both wise enough to learn from those mistakes instead of thinking, 'Well, that would never happen to us.’"

Bryan adds, "[Jon & Kate Plus 8] has really changed who those people are. It went from being a show about people who have sextuplets and twins to a show about people who have a show. Neither of them even work anymore."

Speaking of work, Bryan apparently has a pharmaceutical sales job, and Jenny works as a PA in the ER. Wonder how long those jobs will last! After seeing what’s happened to the Gosselins, who would want to exploit their family on television?!