Rainn Wilson Rocks On To The Big Screen

June 23, 2008 By:
Rainn Wilson Rocks On To The Big Screen

Who ever thought we would live in a world where the Internet could create superstars? With outlets such as Youtube and Myspace, this concept is not impossible. Just take a look at Tila Tequila and Soulja Boy who have become household names.

In the latest film "The Rocker," actor Rainn Wilson gets his second shot at fame with the help of the World Wide Web.

Wilson takes on the role of Musician Robert "Fish" Fishman who is fired from Vesuvius, a fictional 1980's hair band, before they become famous. The movie follows Fishman as he gets a second chance at fame when he joins the garage band of his nephew Matt (Josh Gad).

Hollyscoop hit the junket for the film where we got the chance to catch up with the actors. Our Hollyscoop correspondent Bridget Daly asked Wilson about his main role and how he prepared to portray a rock star. Rainn said, “I used the greatest research tool of our generation, YouTube, a lot of heavy metal videos. “

The research obviously helped, since Rainn got the rocker role down, very different from his role as Dwight Schrute in The Office.

“Everyone knows me as Dwight, the kind of weird, creepy uptight geek from the office. Robert Fishman from "The Rocker"...balls to the wall heavy metal drummer...lets it all hang out, big wig, spandex...just having a rocking good time. Is about as different from Dwight as you get. “

The movie also features the lovely Emma Stone and Teddy Geiger who gave us the scoop on making this comedy. To get the "10 Seconds Scoop" on why you should watch this film, check out our special coverage below. Always remember to Rock On!