Rachel Zoe's Reality Show Paycheck Revealed

March 9, 2011 By:
Rachel Zoe's Reality Show Paycheck Revealed

From fashion junkie to super stylist, Rachel Zoe has made a name for herself in the world of couture.

From $18,000 a year to $10,000 per job: The new issue of The Hollywood Reporter details her extraordinary ascent from stylist to star to brand name.

Whether she’s dressing Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz for the Oscars, taping her own reality show or planning for a baby, there's no slowing Rachel down.

Rachel is named the most powerful stylist of the year by THR and if that's not impressive enough, she's making roughly $50,000 an episode from her hit Bravo TV show The Rachel Zoe Project.

But if anyone deserves a big payday, it's Rachel. In case you're not a Rachel Zoe Project addict like me, the show actually features Rachel working around the clock. No Hills-esque blank long stares here. It's all business (with a dab of personal) and it's always on the go.

"I worked 20-something hours a day, seven days a week," Zoe recalls. "I was completely obsessed with fashion and spent all my money flying to Paris to go to couture because that was the dream. I crashed shows, stood in line for Marc Jacobs. Designers were my heroes and my celebrities. It hasn't really worn off."

Rachel made a name for herself with her Boho chic sense of style, and it’s her knack for affordable fashion that brought her Rachel Zoe outerwear and accessories line to QVC alongside launches by Kiehl’s, NARS Cosmetics and Dyson.

And apparently everyone wants to dress like a Zoe, because since its launch in September 2009, more than 260,000 units have been ordered on QVC. “Its performance has far exceeded our expectations for the first year,” says Doug Howe, QVC’s executive VP strategic multichannel planning and merchandising.

She went from admiring fashion designers to becoming BFF’s with them. Five days after the Oscars she got flowers from Georgio Armani with a handwritten note thanking her for showcasing the nights “most spectacular red-carpet look … on stage.”

So does Zoe feel powerful? “No,” she says with an audible snort. “Oprah is power — she is everything. Martha, she can make a house out of a piece of paper. I have incredible respect for women like that because it’s not easy. People fight you every step of the way — they pull you down as soon as you get up. And the reality is, it’s harder for women. It’s like if a girl has fooled around with a lot of guys, she’s a slut. But if guys do it, they’re cool.”

Stylish? No doubt about it. Powerful? Absolutely. Inspirational? Always. Now that she’s officially arrived, everything Zoe touches turns to gold.