Rachel Zoe Reveals Pregnancy Cravings

January 28, 2011 By:
Rachel Zoe Reveals Pregnancy Cravings

Rachel Zoe might be pregnant but that doesn’t mean she’s going to run off and eat a hamburger.

The insanely skinny stylist revealed her pregnancy cravings and for a second there I was hoping to read that she was actually eating real food for once! But then I remembered she's Rachel Zoe.

"I really enjoy things that are tart, like strawberries and grapefruit," she told reporters at an ELLE event. "Sour things like that, but nothing really weird."

At the event, Rachel was spotted munching on veggies and proudly showing off her baby bump.

The good news is she’s actually eating now, even if it’s veggies and fruits. Gotta start somewhere right?