Rachel Zoe on How Motherhood Has Changed Her

June 17, 2011 By:
Rachel Zoe on How Motherhood Has Changed Her

Stylist to the stars, star of Bravo reality series “The Rachel Zoe Project,” and with new fashion line about to debut at Neiman Marcus this summer, Rachel Zoe can add another line to her resume: Mommy!

Rachel Zoe and husband Roger Berman recently welcomed baby Skyler Morrison Bergman to the world and Hollyscoop got the exclusive on her new life as a mother when we caught up with her at LA based baby boutique Petit Tresor.

Rachel talks about how happy being a mother has made her at , “I’m the happiest I’ve been, ever. I’m happy all the time it’s weird nothing ever gets me upset. I know it’s this weird revelation I’ve experienced as a mother.”

Aside from being uber happy all the time, spending time with her baby is her favorite way to distress: “I just look at his face and if I’m super stressed it just goes away. It happened to me yesterday, I was coming home from work, I was kind of stressed out then I just looked at him and went “ugh” It doesn’t matter. I just think you don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.”

For one of Hollywood’s most famous fashionistas, known for her boho-chic styles, we ask how having a kid affected her personal style:
“During the day, [it’s] jewelry minimal. I can’t really hold him with [jewelry on] so I take everything off, necklaces, no buttons on jackets [and] things like that. It’s much more functional by day. At night I can wear jewelry again when he’s sleeping.”

We asked her husband Rodger if they are planning for baby #2, his response? “You know, one thing at a time.”