Most Adorable Celebrity Babies

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Most Adorable Celebrity Babies
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Celebrity babies are generally just too cute for words. For starters, here's one we could think of: Squeal!!!

You see, for those of you who don't spend a lot of time here, the Internet is essentially divided into two categories: photos of cute animals and photos of celebrity babies.

This is why you can spend hours online—there's just too much cuteness to be Googled. Concerning celebrity kids, when these cuties grace us out in public not ony do they leave us wanting to pinch their cheeks, but also take notes on their wardrobes. Um, celebrity babies take more fashion risks than any of us have in the last five to twelve years, so it seems.

From impeccably styled outfits to daring and dyed hair, these mini boys and girls have the best style out there. Here are those in Hollywood whose first steps were not only the most fashion forward, but just all around the most adorable...

Skyler Berman – Who's making us go goo-goo-gah-gah for all of next season's latest haute crib couture? Skyler Berman, naturally. Rachel Zoe's son, whose first words were probably "Dior" and not daddy, is always styled to perfection. Bebe is not good enough for this baby who always looks like he's just stepped off some super chic photoshoot. Skyler Berman is a living Instagram filter.

Harper Beckham – Not 100% sure why she's named Harper, but if her cuteness is anything to go by it's because her adorableness rivals that of an army of harp seals. With a style so clean-cut and refined, it's no surprise really that another of Hollywood's most fashion forward babies was born out of a well-dressed family, led by matriarch Victoria Beckham. (P.S. Her middle name is "Seven"—that's just way too fashionable!)

Vivian Lake – In her first photo, Vivian made her debut on Gisele's Instagram and clearly that supermodel pout is in the DNA. She is right around three months old and we can already tell she'll be giving all the aspiring baby models crawling through the industry a run for their baby bottles.

Kingston and Zuma Rossdale – These rock-steady brothers are the kids who shop on the other, more dangerous side of the department store. Their hair says it all. Even those of us in our early 20s wouldn't dare rock their stylish mohawks and dyed 'dos. Kingston and Zuma Rossdale's hairstyles have achieved more in this life than you ever will.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt – Her parents have stated that no adult supervision is necessary when it comes to Shiloh's wardrobe. It's still early, but we're real tempted to knight her a STYLE ICON after she stepped out in that tattered Ramones shirt, cam pants, mustard skate shoes, and pixie cut recently. 2 Kool 4 Skoolz.