Rachel Bilson Raps in Funny or Die Video: Disses Mischa Barton

January 18, 2012 By:
Rachel Bilson Raps in Funny or Die Video: Disses Mischa Barton

Rachel Bilson stars on The CW show “Hart of Dixie” where she plays a 30-year-old Doctor, but according to bloggers and haters on the internet, Bilson is totally unbelievable as a TV doctor because she is too young, too pretty and also Summer from “The OC.”

So, to attack the haters, Bilson has just released a Funny or Die video where Bilson raps in this internet short called “Call me Doctor.”

“Lab coat, Dolce. Clipboard, Prada. Vera Wang short shorts, nametag Doctor,” are her opening lines from the rap video.

Bilson also attacks her former “The O.C” castmate, Mischa Barton, rapping the lines, “They been asking me, where you been? You should be asking, Mischa Barton!”

Ohhh snaaaapp! No seriously, where has Mischa Barton been? I haven’t even heard Perez Hilton talking about her.

Bilson also calls out Kanye West and Jay-Z?!

“I’m a monster, I go HAM. Jay and ‘Ye can keep the throne, cuz I don’t give a damn,” raps Bilson.

Oh no she didn’t!

Assuming that the Mischa Barton diss was enough, she goes on to beef it up with Natalie Portman, who famously rapped in an SNL sketch called “Natalie Raps” which launched the “pretty girls” rapping craze and if I learned anything in comedy school, it’s that girls rapping is never NOT funny. Keep rapping ladies! Keep laughing America!

So anyways, Bilson says this to Portman… “If Natalie get mad at me, remind her who the black swan is.”

Uh, you? Is it you, Rachel Bilson? Are you the black swan, because I remember Mila Kunis in that movie, and to be fair, you kind of look like her, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t the black swan.

That being said, check out the video, it's super funny.