Bilson Won't Do Nude Scenes

January 10, 2008 By:
Bilson Won't Do Nude Scenes

Rachel Bilson has come a long way since her O.C days. Rachel Bilson talks to Playboy magazine and ironically enough she is talking about how she will never go nude for a film.
"Movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things,” she says. "It's almost a deal breaker. The movie was rated R, and they like to put in nudity wherever they can, but I'm pretty strong willed and believe it can be avoided."

As for her very undercover relationship with Hayden Christensen she didn’t budge much only saying that, "He's an amazing guy and a fantastic actor... In those Star Wars movies I thought other people – people who are successful and Oscar-nominated – came off looking much worse than he did. But he caught a lot of s---, which really made me mad."

Other things that Bilson reveals in her Playboy interview are her fear of mushrooms and waiting for her turn in the spotlight. "The roles I want usually go to Kirsten Dunst, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman or Kate Bosworth – even though I look younger or older than a few of them. I understand they were once where I am now, and my ultimate goal is to get to that point. Hopefully, I'll achieve it, but you never know."