Howard Sterns New Wife Visits Rachael Ray

October 17, 2008 By:
Howard Sterns New Wife Visits Rachael Ray

On an appearance on the Rachael Ray show yesterday, Howard Stern's new wife, Beth Ostrosky, talked about her love for animals, especially her own.

Beth has always been an animal advocate and even volunteers on a regular basis for The North Shore Animal League. When it came time to protect her own pooch, Bianca, she didn’t give it a second thought.

"I had a luncheon to go to and was decked out - I had my Manolos on, a cute hat, and a little sundress. Howard's outside with the dog and the dog flips backward into the deep-end of the pool and goes straight down like a piece of lawn furniture."

Without hesitating, she jumped right in and saved her English bulldog. Kudos to Beth for being able to think so quickly on her feet.