Kill Bill 3 Coming to Theaters

October 1, 2009 By:
Kill Bill 3 Coming to Theaters

Kill Bill is coming back for its third installment! According to the director of the franchise Quentin Tarantino, he’s planning on making Kill Bill 3 in a couple of years.

This is much earlier than expected, given what Tarantino told EW in an interview saying it would be 15 years before he did a sequel to the sequel.

Quentin tells Moviefone, "'Kill Bill 3' will probably come out -- I've got to wait a couple years because I wanted 10 years to pass from the second one to the third one.”

"Two reasons. One, I think me and Uma needed a 10-year break because the first one was so hard. And the second one is: I love the character of the Bride. I just really, really love her. And I think she deserved 10 years of peace. She deserved 10 years of no fighting. She deserved 10 years with her child B.B. just of peace. I put her through a lot in those first two movies, and I wanted her to have a nice peaceful life for 10 years. I wanted her to hang up her sword and have some peace. Then after 10 years, something will happen that makes her fight again."

Luckily a little makeup and lighting can do wonders for aging! We’re sure Uma Thurman won’t mind! As for the plot, Tarantin says the third installment will revolve around dismembered villainess Sophie Fatale raising Nikki, the daughter of Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox), and helping her seek revenge against the Bride for killing her mom.

Who could wait 10 years anyway?!