Thief Steals $10K Of Queen Latifah's Jewelry

December 31, 2008 By:
Thief Steals $10K Of Queen Latifah's Jewelry

We know times are tough, because there have been just too many robberies to report! Just days after Paris Hilton’s pad was ransacked, Queen Latifah has now fallen victims to jewel thieves.

Over $10,000 worth of sentimental jewelry has been stolen from Queen Latifah’s luxury villa in Tobago, a Caribbean island. Topago police told the island’s newspaper they believe a resort staff member is to blame.

Queen’s place is at the $1000-a night Stone Haven Resort. Police Commissioner James Philbert told the paper, “Several searches are being carried out and the police are trying to have the jewelry returned to Queen Latifah. Investigators said the larceny seems to be an inside job and efforts are being made round the clock to make a breakthrough.”

The paper also reported that Queen Latifah may also offer a reward for whomever returns the jewelry.

We know we’re in an economic crisis, but to steal valuable jewelry from someone is so wrong! We hope whoever committed this crime gets caught!