Queen Latifah Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused

June 9, 2009 By:
Queen Latifah Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused

Queen Latifah has just opened up about something very personal in her life. We think of Queen as a strong, independent woman who is a goddess in the music industry. But she has a hidden past that she’s waited all these years to finally come forward with.

She recently opened up to Essence magazine, and confessed a secret she’s been hiding for years. As a child, Queen told the magazine she’d been sexually abused by her babysitter.

Queen says in the interview, "He violated me. I never told anybody. I just buried it as deeply as I could and kept people at an arms length."

She says it affected her so strongly, and even altered her relationships in her adult life. Queen continues in the interview, "I never really let a person get too close to me. I could have been married years ago, but I had a commitment issue."

How horrible! It’s so sad that she’s been living with that terrible secret all this time, and it’s been haunting her into her adult life. We’re so happy to know she’s been able to focus all of her positive energy into her career, and has been so successful. She deserves all the happiness she has in her life!