Alicia Keys And Jack White To Collaborate On Bond Song

July 29, 2008 By:
Alicia Keys And Jack White To Collaborate On Bond Song

Alicia Keys has been slated to be the artist to record the theme song for the upcoming James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

But now we hear she'll be collaborating with Jack White of The White Stripes on the tune.

The song will be called Another Way To Die, and Jack, who wrote and produced the song, will play drums on it as well. The collaboration comes right after a recent Alicia had with Rolling Stones magazine, expressing how much she'd love to work with The White Stripes.

She said, "They're very raw, very cut and dry. It's, like, drums and guitar. It’s that simple, and I love that. I think that combining that style with mine, which already has a raw feel to it, and my voice, I just think we could do something really interesting that mixes rock and soul together, the blues and emotion, and it could be really touching.?"We've had some conversations. When the time works out, and it definitely will, it will happen."

Sometimes all you have to do in Hollywood is express interest, and then things just seem to come to fruition!